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The shadows are yours to hide


Thief is the reboot of the classic stealth game saga of the same name developed by Eidos Montreal, available for PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in both the physical and download version. Garrett, the deadly master thief also known as the Raven, returns as the main character in this title with new abilities and weapons. Get involved in this steampunk Victorian Age adventure fighting against the wicked Baron and his oppressive command in the City with shadowy gameplay.

The story of Thief is set within the usual class system in which the Tyrant rules for the noble and the rich, leaving the poor to suffer the plague. The Baron, ruler of the City, raises taxes for the war whilst he and the nobles live in constant luxury. In this obscure world, we find Garrett, a skillful thief that faces off the established power by stealing treasures from the rich.

The shadows are your allies in order to infiltrate in the noble manors among other quests’ objectives

As the game goes on, we find similarities with other titles such as Dishonored due to the steampunk aesthetic, the sneak skills essential to the gameplay and the general darkness that engulfs the game. As Garrett, you will have to play with the surrounding environment, looking for places to hide from the guards to pick pockets without being seen. The shadows are your allies in order to infiltrate the noble manors, among other quest objectives.

Complete your quests and defeat the Baron
Complete your quests and defeat the Baron

Additional game details

As a master thief, you won’t go around with big, noisy weapons. Instead, you will have a useful silent bow, with several kinds of arrows that will give you bonus powers such as a lethal broadhead or the water point for extinguishing torches. In your weaponry you also have the Blackjack, a club that will put guards into sleep without a ruckus. The claw is a basic member of your equipment since it will let you reach higher places for hiding from guards and accessing buildings.

Garrett is not alone in his adventure; there are many characters that will help you with hints, information and even supplies. Amongst these people, you will find Basso, the nearest person to the master thief, who has the contacts and the information about almost all in the City thanks to his shady business network. On the other hand, the House of Blossoms will provide you with new rumors and secrets from important clients. The Graven acts as a religious formation which offers the poor salvation and hope, but what they tell the people may obscure their true intentions.

Select your weapon type
Select your weapon type

Thief Full Version Features

Here you can check the unique features of Thief for PC and video consoles:

  • Wide exploration thanks to the dark open-world that makes the City a free place to check every street and every corner
  • Arm Garrett with dangerous weapons that fit your missions, such as bows and arrows or the blackjack for attacking in silence
  • Use your skills and abilities, like the focus function, to be successful in your sneak objectives
  • Classic sneak gameplay that recovers features from the previous Thief classic editions such as the importance of avoiding close combat if you can
  • The game gives the option of approaching to your missions in many ways, such as outsmarting your enemies or defeating them from the shadows - the choice is yours.

If you want more information about Thief before the download, you are free to check the

Stealth and stealing are important parts of the game
Stealth and stealing are important parts of the game

System Requirements

Check the minimum specs to run Thief on your PC:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or later
  • Processor: Intel i7 Quad Core or AMD FX 8000 Series
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video Card: Nvidia GTX 660 Series, AMD Radeon R9 / HD or similar
  • HDD: 20 GB free space on disk plus the download file
  • DirectX 11 previously installed



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